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Triway-Cath IV Cannula (Catheter)
Triway-Cath IV Cannula (Catheter)

IV Cannula (Catheter) with Integrated Three-way Stopcock

Triway-Cath IV Cannula (Catheter)
Triway-Cath IV Cannula (Catheter)
Características básicas del producto

Ultra sharp silconised SS Needle 

  • Siliconized, Ultra sharp, Stainless Steel, back-cut needle to perform easy and painless venipuncture. 


  • Available in FEP, PUR and PTFE material. Siliconised with proprietary technology ensuring smooth surface and minimal discomfort for both patient and clinician.

 Embedded three-way stopcock 

  • Smooth rotating three way stopcock allows multiple simultaneous infusions. 

  • Color coded according to catheter size.

 Flashback Chamber 

  • Large FB chamber allows quick visualisaton for succesful venipucture.

Flexible Wings

  •  The flexible wings provides easy gripping and follows the contours of site allowing more secure fixation. 

Needle Cover 

  • Transparent needle cover to prevent accidental damage to needle and catheter. 

FEP/PTFE/PUR Catheter | Flip port cap | Medical paper/Tyvek | Hydrophobic filter | Packing in Colour coded M.K.P | Sterile/Non-pyrogenic/Single use 


  • CE

  • US FDA 510K

  • ISO 13485:2016

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